Game Server Lineage II Classic: Shadow Of The Kamael part 4



Element Classic x7

Exp x7

Sp x7

Adena x3

Spoil x2

Drop x3

L Coin x2





From the monsters in the game, not only the usual adena and loot fall, but also L Coins. You can buy equipment and consumables on them.

Armor and sword alone are not enough! Other types of equipment have appeared in the game: pendants, brooches, belts, cloaks, talismans, agathions. Make your character even stronger!

Break unnecessary items of grades D, C, B and A into crystals. Exchange them at the blacksmith Beckins for S-grade crystals, for which you can get top S equipment!

Killing Antharas with one left hand? Then the time has come to challenge the elemental masters: Procella, Ignis, Petram and Nebula.

An alternate version of Lineage 2 that has everything that players loved in the early chronicles:

Difficult pumping, the need for team play and a nostalgic soundtrack. This is a true classic, complete with unusual mechanics, new bosses and unique equipment. The game has an autoboy. With its help, the character himself will kill monsters and use the necessary consumables. But you should not relax: you can always be killed by PK running past or another player who liked the spot.
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